24 JUNE 2015

Posted by Toni Franco on


As I read my "Jesus Calling" devotional from Sarah Young this morning- I had a revelation; which I already knew and understood but this time it SANK in, here it is: 
HOLD MY HAND-AND TRUST. So long as you are conscious of MY PRESENCE with you, ALL IS WELL. It is Virtually POSSIBLE to Stumble while Walking in the Light With ME. I Designed you to enjoy ME Above All Else. You find the deepest fulfillment of your heart in ME ALONE.  
So it is impossible for me to stumble and fail if I walk in the Light with Him. Following His Will, commandments and statutes which; He only asks us for persistence- rather than perfection, (so don't condemn yourself if you're not perfect) IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO STUMBLE!! We will find the deepest fulfillment of ALL OUR dreams, wants, and needs ONLY IN HIM!! So WHATEVER your heart longs for you will achieve ONLY IN HIS PRESENCE. 

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